ValveSelect: Onboarding product data leveraging the Excel Uploader add-in

To provide your product data for the ValveSelect product finding and configuration system there are three features on hand. Using the Excel Uploader add-in for preparing your product data and uploading the same directly from within MS Excel. Prepare an Excel or CSV-table and upload it to ValveSelect using the ValveSelect bulk importer. Leverage the […]

Web interface for the SharePoint PnP Provisioning Engine

As per lots of requests I implemented a small web interface for creating and applying PnP provisioning templates.
Using the web interface you can submit jobs for creating new PnP provisioning templates and for applying the same.

Hiding Approve/Reject button in SharePoint modern experience views using SharePoint Framework

As more and more organizations tend to use PowerAutomate approvals instead of SharePoint’s own approval workflow it becomes necessary to hide the Approve/Reject menu item in modern experience views to avoid confusing your end-users. Here’s a way to accomplish this using SharePoint Framework. Using a SharePoint Framework Application Customizer you can easily insert the following […]

SharePoint with PowerApps forms: Multi-image picker and viewer

Usecase:Implementing a multi-image picker in a SharePoint PowerApps form which allows attaching one or more selected images from a document library to a list item. Functionality to delete images attached to a list item. Displaying the images in a list view thumbnail-style. For the sample implementation I used the case of selecting and displaying images […]

Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate: Create SharePoint site template with multiple (classic experience) pages using PnP provisioning engine

Exporting additional pages besides the welcome page with Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate was always kind of a challenge. With June 2019 Release (version 3.10.1906.0) the -IncludeAllClientSidePages parameter was introduced which will include all client-side pages in the template. Unfortunately this functionality only covers modern experience so-called “Site Pages” but not classic experience “Web Part Pages”. Web Part Pages are […]

Transforming ApplicationInsights.config depending on build-configuration

Because I wanted to configure adaptive sampling only for my release-configuration in the production environment I wondered whether it is possible to transform ApplicationInsights.config similar to transforming web.config in Web-projects. Turned out that this can be achieved by using the XML-Document-Transform namespace, which is mapped to the xdt prefix. For each build-configuration I added an ApplicationInsights.<build-configuration>.config […]

MS Teams / OneNote throtteling

If you currently try to edit a OneNote notebook in Teams you are notified to use the OneNote web client. Of course you can also use your local OneNote client. This is caused by Microsofts throtteling measures for some Office 365 services to continue to meet excessive demand caused by Covid-19 crisis. SharePoint Online services […]

Azure Webjob SDK 3.x with .NET Framework

Ever wondered whether Azure Webjob SDK 3.x also works with .NET Framework apps? Documentation is focusing on .NET Core and there is some confusion about this on github just tried it out and found it to work without problems with this Main-method in Program.cs: Application Insights is also working by simply adding the Nuget package and […]